Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started & Account Management

  • What are the different user roles on the platform and what can each role do?

    Admin Staff:

    Capabilities: Admin Staff have comprehensive access to the platform’s backend, enabling them to manage content, settings, and configurations. This role is designed for users who need full oversight of the platform’s operations. Depending on your plan there may be additional fees for admin staff members.

    Team Member:

    Capabilities: Team Members have access to the knowledgebase, engage in project management activities, and use instant messaging for collaboration. This role is suited for regular users who contribute to the organization’s projects and need access to the knowledgebase, calendar and homepage feed. Depending on your plan there may be additional fees for team members. 


    Capabilities: Guests have limited access, specifically to view and interact with projects they are invited to. They can also communicate with team members through the platform’s messaging system. This role is ideal for external collaborators or clients who need insight into project progress without requiring full platform access. Guest members are free in each plan.

  • Is there a mobile app available for Ondash?

    Althought there is not a native app. You can easily access your dashboard using our PWA (Progressive Web App). Below you can find instructions on how to save this to your home screen with Android and IOS.

    For Android Users:

    1. Open Chrome: Navigate to the website of the PWA using the Chrome browser on your Android device.
    2. Tap the Menu: Look for the three dots in the upper right corner to open the browser menu.
    3. Add to Home screen: Scroll down in the menu and tap on “Add to Home screen.”
    4. Name the Shortcut: You’ll be prompted to name the shortcut. Choose a name for the app that will appear on your home screen.
    5. Add: Tap “Add” or “Add Automatically” to create the shortcut. The icon will now appear on your home screen, allowing you to access the PWA with a single tap, just like a native app.

    For iOS Users (Safari):

    1. Open Safari: Go to the website of the PWA using the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.
    2. Tap the Share Icon: Look for the share icon at the bottom of the screen (a box with an arrow pointing out).
    3. Add to Home Screen: Scroll through the options until you find “Add to Home Screen” and tap it.
    4. Name the App: You’ll have the opportunity to name the shortcut. Enter a name for the app as it will appear on your home screen.
    5. Add: Tap “Add” in the upper right corner. The shortcut will be added to your home screen, enabling easy access similar to any other app.
  • How do I manage my account settings and subscriptions directly from my portal?

    Within your portal, locate the ‘Account Information’ tab. Here, you can adjust your subscription level, view billing information, and manage other account settings without revisiting the signup site.

  • How do I reset my password?

    If you’ve forgotten your password, use the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. Enter your email address, and you’ll receive instructions to reset your password. If you don’t see the email, check your spam folder or contact support for assistance.

Platform Features & Usage

  • How do I create a new knowledgebase article?

    Click on “Add new” under “Knowledge base” in the admin settings. Fill out the title, content, and select the appropriate knowledge base and category before publishing.

  • What are the steps to organize my knowledge base using categories?

    In the admin settings, navigate to “Knowledgebase” > “Categories” and add a new category with a name, slug, and description. Assign it to a knowledge base to ensure visibility.

  • How can I effectively use instant messaging within Ondash?

    Connect with team members by sending a connection request from their profile. Use instant messages for real-time collaboration, share documents and images, and utilize emojis for more engaging conversations.

  • What is the Bulletin Board feature and how do I use it?

    The Bulletin Board is designed for sharing important company updates. Create posts in the “Posts” section, categorize them appropriately, and publish to share with your team. Use the “pinned” category for critical announcements to appear in the home slider.

  • What are Quicklinks, and how do I use them?

    Quicklinks are shortcuts to frequently accessed documents, external sites, or tools. You can add Quicklinks to your groups for easy access. To create a Quicklink, navigate to the Quicklinks section in manage in the group, enter the name and URL, and choose an icon for easy identification.

Collaboration & Task Management

  • How do I view and manage tasks assigned to me?

    Access the “My Tasks” section from your profile to view a personalized list of tasks organized by the group. Use this feature to prioritize your workload effectively.

  • How can I use the Task Manager to streamline project management?

    Enable tasks within your group to access the Task Manager. Use it to create, assign, and manage tasks across different project phases, following best practices for regular review and team participation.

  • What are the differences between public, private, and hidden groups?

    Public Groups: Visible to all users, and anyone can join without an invitation.

    Private Groups: Visible to all users, but joining requires an admin’s approval or an invitation.

    Hidden Groups: Not visible in the general group directory and can only be accessed through a direct invitation by the group’s admin.

  • How do I invite a user to a group?

    From the “Groups” icon on the homepage, select the group and click on “Send invites”. Choose existing users from the list or enter email addresses for new users, then send the invites.

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