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Boost client retention, streamline onboarding, reduce communication barriers, and optimize operations through a unified collaboration platform.

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Knowledge Made Simple:
Navigate, Share, Succeed.

Effectively centralize and manage your valuable knowledge, ensuring easy access for your teams. This not only speeds up decision-making but also promotes collaboration among employees, cultivating a culture of shared insights and ongoing learning.

Instant Messaging Perfected:
Your Messages, Your Way

Unlock confidential, swift conversations: your key to instant, secure communication. Leave email chaos behind and effortlessly connect with teammates, groups and clients for daily efficiency.

Efficiently Coordinate Various Operational Groups

Create teams/groups based on departments to streamline communication. Each group is equipped with an operations feed to get everyone communicating on tasks that are related and can be executed by the right team members. No more email threads, support your online workers with streamlined communication.

Elevate Client Relations: Where Efficiency Meets Excellence

Create client folders for efficient communication. Each folder features an operations feed to coordinate tasks within client projects and allows client invitations. Say goodbye to email threads, lost contracts, and missed deadlines, supporting both clients and workers with streamlined collaboration.

Enhanced Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere: Embrace Flexibility with Our Web App.

With our user-friendly web app, experience seamless integration of all your business needs at your fingertips. Say hello to a streamlined workflow, real-time updates, and the freedom to manage your projects, client relations, and communications on the go.

Project Management:
Blueprint for Success.

This feature is an essential tool that outlines tasks, sets due dates, and assigns responsibilities with crystal clarity. It’s where strategy meets action, ensuring every team member is aligned and accountable. Dive into a world where deadlines are met with confidence and every project is a path to achievement.

Maximize Efficiency & Savings with Ondash

Use our calculator to see how much time and money you can save with Ondash.

5 2 $60,000 80 $50

Training Savings

Software Consolidation Savings

Time Lost Savings

Total Savings

Ondash Agency Cost

Total Hours Saved


Yearly Savings:

Disclaimer: The calculations provided by this tool are estimates based on the following assumptions:

  • Current annual cost of project management software per user is $192 ($16/month).
  • Current annual cost of email software per user is $192 ($16/month).
  • Hours saved per week with Ondash is assumed to be 5 hours per employee.

Actual savings may vary based on specific circumstances and usage.

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